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Chain of self-service restaurants City Buffet

Delicious desserts in City Buffet

Set menu

Each dinner may not be similar to the previous one, but remain as tasty. Because our menu contains 30 ready-made complex breakfasts, lunches and dinners. And also there is the opportunity to assemble your own!

Soups, salads, meat and fish dishes, side dishes and pastries for every taste. Eat in the comfort of the City Buffet or order anywhere in Odessa. When ordering from 10 set meals - delivery is free.

We're the best! Therefore, we are trusted with food from tourist, school and sports groups. Already more than 200 partners work with us on an ongoing basis.

The best service in Odessa

200 liters of drinks, 150 liters of entrees, 250 kilograms of main courses and salads - these are the daily scales of self-service restaurants City Buffet!

We quickly and efficiently work with a huge amount of tasty and healthy food. We create an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism. So that you would eat with us with pleasure, and go out - full, full of strength and in a good mood!

Have you collected too much? You can always bring food and drinks with you!